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Sending signals to BotPro

Do you want to integrate BotPro in your indicator or create a specific tool in mt4 for BotPro?

For this, BotPro makes its library easy to use!

Implementing the library

In the header of the mql4 code, we will import the “botpro” function from the library “botpro_lib.ex4”:

#import “botpro_lib.ex4”
int botpro(string direction, int expiration, int martingale, string symbol, string value, string name, int bindig);

Now let’s understand how to send a signal.


  • direction: “CALL” or “PUT”
  • expiration: Integer. ‘1’, is one minute of expiration.
  • martingale: Integer. ‘0’, is without martingale.
  • symbol: Use the function Symbol().
  • value: String containing the value. It can also be a percentage value of the bank, Example: “2%”.
  • name: String with the name that will be displayed in BotPro.
  • Instrument: Integer:

enum instrument {
BotPro= 3,
Binary= 0,
Digital = 1,
GreaterPay =2

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